Briefs: Avi Networks, Universal Electronics, Time Warner Cable, Sling TV, Espial

CED covers Sharp and Espial; Espial HTML5 Client software incorporated into Sharp AQUOS 4K Next UltraHD LCD televisions.

Via CED Magazine:

Espial announced that Sharp Corporation of Japan will begin shipping their newest lineup of AQUOS 4K Next UltraHD LCD televisions which incorporate Espial’s HTML5 Client software in July 2015 in Japan. With Espial’s Client, Sharp has created a viewing experience which blends television functionality with over-the-top video services and internet applications, including the new Hybridcast system, the new YouTube 2015 HTML5 app, HULU, NTT Hikari TV 4K HEVC VOD service, and 4K Web browser. Hybridcast is a new system defined by the IPTV Forum which combines broadcast and broadband to create TV and web services. With Hybridcast, the TV displays content while running apps through Espial’s client as the TV program progresses. Devices, such as a smart phone or a tablet, work as companion devices to the TV, displaying program-related information from the Internet. They can also be used as a remote control.