Espial Corporate Overview

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With Espial, video service providers can create responsive and engaging subscriber viewing experiences incorporating intuitive content discovery and instinctive navigation. [...]

Espial Experience Professional Services

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To overcome growing competitive threats, today’s network operators are deploying new video platforms that can deliver an immersive and personalized user [...]

Espial G4 STB Client Datasheet

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Network Operators are being pressed on two fronts, as they face rapidly escalating video competition at the same time their [...]

The TV UX: Reimagined Accelerating Service Innovation

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Cable operators face unprecedented competition from nimble competitors – including telco, satellite and OTT operators - which are moving at web speed and poaching subscribers with their superior services and TV user experience (UX)

HbbTV: Reinventing the Broadcast TV UX

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This paper will provide an overview of the advances made by the HbbTV standard to re-invent the broadcast TV viewing experience.

Espial HbbTV Solutions Overview

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HbbTV (Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV) is an open standard that harmonises the delivery of enhanced TV services to set-top boxes and connected TVs over both broadcast and broadband to European markets and beyond.

Datasheet: Espial RDK Application Framework

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The Espial application framework significantly improves time-to-market and user performance for applications delivering Web speed innovation.

Datasheet: Espial RDK Integrator Services

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Espial provides a complete set of RDK integration services including architecture/design, cloud application, UX development, and back-end integration.

HTML5 Technologies for the Immersive Smart TV Experience

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This whitepaper examines HTML5 and some of its associated technologies that will enable the immersive Smart TV experience

Whitepaper: Redefining STB Software Architecture

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Learn how recent hardware and software innovations enable a new approach to STB software.

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