Espial TV Browser: Product Overview

Espial WebKit HTML5 TV Browser

The (based on WebKit and HTML5) accelerates the deployment of TV web browsing, interactive TV content and over-the-top web video to your customers. is an embedded web browser that is designed to support the challenging browsing requirements of Smart TV’s & set-top boxes. Consumers will enjoy a compelling internet web browsing experience with , while manufacturers and developers can simply and quickly build customized user interfaces that deliver exciting, interactive applications and compelling content to consumers. As well, it is easily ported and offers the latest and most advanced standards support including HTML5, , BML, AcTVila and many others. It supports a range of end-user applications including web browsing, product menus, interactive advertising, email, chat, games and portal. The is a proven browsing platform and has been commercially deployed across a wide range of set-top boxes and Smart TVs.



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