Can Operators Use the Art of Storytelling to Help Engage & Attract Cable Cutters?

Published on 21/05/2019

Category: Innovation

The answer to this question, in my opinion, is yes and here is why.

What’s your story?

As a marketer, I find that the art of storytelling has become very complicated when it should be a concept that is very easy to grasp. The reality is that I could give you tips and tricks on how to be a great storyteller but, would that be useful? I personally find that the business world has started to overcomplicate the art of storytelling by trying to transform concepts like these into theories/science. However, when it comes to storytelling, it’s quite simple, we can’t forget the importance of art

 What is art?

 It would be easy for me to give you a very complex, well written, Googled definition of what art is. But, at its core, it is about evoking emotion through a genuine/relatable experience. If your audience can relate to your story and feel emotions in relation to what you are trying to say only then have you mastered the art of storytelling.

How can operators benefit from the art of storytelling?

 When I think of television and traditional pay-TV, it reminds me of my youth, growing up in a world where the content wasn’t available to me anytime and anywhere – yes even I as a Millennial remember those times. If I wanted to watch my favourite TV shows (which at the time were any type of cheesy cartoons), I had to beg my mom and my dad to record those shows on their VCR tapes and rewind them all the way to the beginning every time I wanted to watch it again. 

For those of you who can relate to this story, it is the perfect example of what storytelling is all about. Whether you believe that OTT services will take over the industry or whether you still have faith in the future of traditional pay-TV, this isn’t the ultimate question. With the cable cutting trend increasing rapidly and media driving the conversation, traditional pay-TV providers need to understand and embrace their incredible power, which is: the art of storytelling.

Please understand that your offerings, as traditional pay-TV providers, must innovate with the demand of cable cutters whether it is bundling, IPTV solutions or others: innovation is imperative. But, by coupling innovation with the art of storytelling is where no other OTT service provider can compare. Take advantage of this opportunity and tell your story.


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Valerie Mayer

Marketing Coordinator at Espial

Valerie Mayer

Marketing Coordinator at Espial

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