Espial Announces Alexa Certification for 18 Service Providers using its Elevate TVaaS Platform; An Industry-First Bulk Certification

Published on 16/04/2019

Category: Innovation

In an industry first, Espial has been successful to manage Amazon Alexa bulk certification of multiple pay-TV operators, enabling operators to move rapidly through the certification process. 

A significant benefit of the Elevate video platform is the ability for operators to benefit from scale.  Certifying various OTT services like Netflix, YouTube, and now voice services like Alexa, and making this available to operators reduces costs, accelerates time to market, and allows operators of all sizes to benefit from the most advanced services. Multiple System Operators (MSOs) such as MCTV, Hiawatha Broadband Communications (HBC), Optic Communications, and Eagle Communications are just a few of the operators that offer these services.  

With its focus on continuous improvement of the user experience for consumers, Elevate will now enable the customers of certified operators to control their TV experience with simple hands-free control using the highly popular Amazon Alexa device ecosystem. For instance, a simple statement such as, “Watch the Chicago Cubs” will allow a user to watch a baseball game without having to find their remote control. 


Look what industry leaders have to say on this: 

1. Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader, Light Reading:

“Digital voice assistants like Alexa are rapidly becoming a standard part of the smart, connected consumer home. It makes sense to integrate capabilities like these into next-gen TV services like Elevate.”


2.Travis Kohlrus, Vice President of Broadband Operations, Eagle Communications:

“Eagle Communications strives to meet our customers ongoing needs, and voice-controlled devices are topping the charts for customer adoption. We are happy to have partners who help keep us on the leading edge of these technology advancements to give our customers the best viewing experience.”

3. Noah Popejoy, Sales and Marketing Coordinator, Optic Communications:

“Our team at Optic Communications has always tried to be an early adopter of advancements in our industry. When we were told that Amazon Alexa integration was possible with Elevate, we needed to be one of the first to include it. Customers are integrating more and more IoT devices in their home and we wanted to help customers include their cable television services as well. Alexa capability gives Optic Communications’ customers another source of value to an already robust offering,”

4. Michael McCluskey, VP Product Management, Espial:

“Voice assistants are becoming increasingly popular with consumers who are seeing the simplicity and convenience of the interface, and Amazon Alexa has become the most popular voice assistant. With our Elevate TVaaS platform, we have been able to bulk-certify multiple operators to ensure they can offer voice control to consumers who are part of the Alexa ecosystem. With this integration, Elevate enables consumers to find the content they want to watch faster and more easily, leveraging the Alexa range of smart IoT devices.”  

Sagar Vora

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Espial

Sagar Vora

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Espial

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