How Espial has successfully implemented Elevate?

Published on 13/06/2019

Category: Innovation

Elevate has changed a lot and I must say for good. We carefully and diligently craft every feature and its experience so we can fulfill your needs. As a company that has been in existence for over two decades in the video business, we ensure that we rigorously reiterate our platform to keep our promise of excellence. It not only shows in the new useful features that get added at regular intervals but also in the trust of 40 plus operators that deploy Elevate.

Whether it has been about breaking the business model to improve our customer’s profit or it is about improving end-user facing features for best user experience, our team has always ensured that we bring to our customer’s innovations that bring them closer to their customers.

We also understand that every operator is different in their journey towards adopting next-gen technology and has already invested in some legacy systems. We ensure that we work with you to ensure that we are able to optimize your existing infrastructure saving you unnecessary costs and ensuring sustainability. We also understand that there is a need in the industry to deploy a solution like Elevate efficiently and swiftly and have been able to deploy our IPTV solution in a record 90-day schedule.

We as a company have decided not to compete on features. This is because when you compete strictly on features, you’re often caught in this no man’s land. You’re not quite able to charge a premium to fuel future growth. But you’re also not able to grab market share because there’s always a bigger or a newer company that is ready to compete with you. For us, it is important to be a partner in your success and share with you our market specialist knowledge that we have earned by deploying solutions across 50 million devices around the world across our product catalog.

With a combination of an award-winning user interface, implementation specialists and deep product and market knowledge, we are committed to bringing you the best value out of Elevate.

Dipalli Bhatt

Director, Marketing and Demand Generation at Espial

Dipalli Bhatt

Director, Marketing and Demand Generation at Espial

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