Nine quotes to check out from Cable Next-Gen 2019 and what they mean for the Cable industry

Published on 19/03/2019

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Last week, Cable Next-Gen Technologies and Strategies in Denver witnessed a confluence of the best minds from the cable and communications industry. Their foresight about the future of cable and communications industry shows a lot of hope, but at the cost of willingness to change and adopt new technologies. The Espial team picked out some of the most striking quotes which evolved from the course of two days of multiple panel discussions and presentations. These quotes carve out the possible future of pay-TV. See it for yourself. 

Michael McCluskey, VP of Product Management, Espial, launching Espial’s first Vision Paper at Cable Next-Gen 2019 in Denver.

1.”10G is the collection of technologies to enhance customer experience.”

– Jeff Finkelstein, Executive Director of Advanced Technologies, Cox Communications

There is already a huge buzz in the telecommunication industry where mobile operators are in a rush to create 5G networks. However, the cable industry is already a few steps ahead to remind users of their efforts by declaring their vision for a 10G (10 Gigabits per second) data network. Where the ‘G’ is 4G/5G refers to Generation, the ‘G’ in 10G  represents Gigabytes per seconds in the cable industry. The announcement which was made in CES 2019 by NCTA – The Internet & Television AssociationCableLabs and Cable Europe, aims to boost network speed for connected homes initially and eventually may see itself usher in various applications.

2. “If we take a closer look, we see that the market for video is not contracting at all. Rather, it is growing and represents a vast opportunity for operators “

– Michael McCluskey, VP of Product Management, Espial

Nowadays, consumers have multiple accounts of several OTT services. The video is consumed much more than before. However, the challenge is to bring all these OTT services on a single platform. For consumers, the source of the content doesn’t matter, what matters is a smooth viewing interface and quality content. Elevate by Espial, is a complete IPTV solution hosted in the cloud with a unique approach towards the operator business model – TvaaS or TV as a service. It has partnered with leading companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Google among others for its Elevate SaaS solution. Elevate is successfully deployed to over 40 customers across the US and Canada.

3. “5G will not kill cable. With several use cases, people will continue to value cable”

– Tim Burke, VP, Strategic Technology, Liberty Global

As the wireless industry moves further into 5G, a totally new episode of the pay-TV industry will be ignited. Let’s just call that wireless pay television or mobile pay television. This means that existing providers will begin offering this type of service via mobile networks off – pay TV or cable TV.

4. “5G can be a friend to Cable”

– Alan Breznick, Cable/Video Practice Leader at Light Reading

There are many reasons for cable operators to stay optimistic. The way cable industry has jumped the rails of technical innovations right from when it started, it should continue to innovate and embrace 5G as a catalyst to an enhanced backhand and a jump in the application space.

5. “Partnerships amongst the operators will become key to overcome existing challenges.”

– Ian Hood, Chief Technologist, Global Service Providers, Red Hat

Small and medium-sized operators will always have an option to create strategic partnerships in order to innovate together and optimistically face the challenges from the fast-growing OTT industry. Not only this, operators and telco’s can come together to deliver a seamless user experience.

6. “Cord Cutting isn’t happening. We will have to blow up the model”

– Tom Williams, VP, Engineering, and Technology at Schurz Communications

A positive attitude and an optimistic perception become drivers of change during challenging times. Though it may sound a little surprising, in real, cord cutting isn’t happening. Cords are still there. It is just that cable operators have lost video subscribers. They need to find ways to get them back and experiment with different models and packages.

7. “Migrate customers to IPTV.”

– Jason Hansen, CTO, Conway Corporation

Video and TV services are still extremely popular products. It’s time for operators to widen the capabilities of its network in order to provide faster broadband internet speeds alongside higher-quality video services that also require more bandwidth. IPTV can deliver enhanced capabilities for an immersive viewing experience.

8. “Operators should focus on the integration of new services and integration of IoT services.”

– Tom Williams, VP, Engineering, and Technology at Schurz Communications

A television set is one common device use amongst all the family members. In such a scenario, a television can be the epicenter to various IoT services such as connected homes, virtual voice, and web applications. Relying completely on video will be foolish considering the high usage of OTT services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, who have the capacity to deliver quality content on the internet. Integration of video and IoT services will give operators a competitive advantage of over OTT apps, which will make cable more relevant than before.

9. “Operators need to understand what subscribers want and how to deliver this in a highly cost-efficient manner.”

– Michael McCluskey, VP of Product Management at Espial

The more you understand your consumers, the better equipped you are to adjust your services in ways that offer those consumers even better value – better content, easier access, better bundling and packaging, and so on.

Pay-TV is here to stay and there are several imperatives for the operators to sustain their model, as highlighted by Espial in their vision paper.

Sagar Vora

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Espial

Sagar Vora

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Espial

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