OTT Subscription Fatigue- An Opportunity for Operators?

Published on 10/04/2019

Category: Innovation

A recent AdWeek article outlined that nearly half of the consumers are frustrated by streaming overload.

Almost all the major entertainment and production companies have launched their own exclusive OTT platform to make their content private and to monetize their share from the ongoing digital transformation.

As per Deloitte’s 13th edition of its Digital Media Trends survey, consumers are facing a ‘subscription fatigue’ due to the overload of streaming options available like Netflix, HBO Now, Hulu, Showtime, Amazon, YouTube Premium, and now the most recent one, AppleTV.

Around 75% of the people surveyed in the US said they would be more satisfied with their Pay-TV service if there were fewer ads.

For consumers, it is the content that matters, not the platform. In such a scenario, Pay-TV operators can differentiate themselves by adopting a digital transformation strategy which improves the streaming experience of the consumers.

Michael McCluskey, VP of Product Management at Espial recently outlined four major imperatives for the cable operators at Cable Next-Gen 2019 in Denver, which can help operators compete with OTT platforms and take advantage of the situation arising from the subscription fatigue: 

1. Center your customer view around lifetime value.

2. Transform how you reach, acquire and onboard customers.

3. Differentiate on customer service. 

4. Adopt new business models that drive revenue. 

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Sagar Vora

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Espial

Sagar Vora

Digital Marketing Coordinator at Espial

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