What do the Video Customers of Tomorrow Want?

Published on 26/03/2019

Category: Innovation

We are well aware of the changes in the video consumption pattern. Traditionally, cable and other pay-TV providers have defined their target customers as those who love video content and will sign up for multiple services in a bundle. However, with changing times, consumers are increasingly shopping for service providers based on other key considerations, such as value, convenience and brand perception. We have taken note of the new features which customers are looking for which are highlighted in the slides below.

High-speed broadband service has increasingly become the anchor of the typical cable bundle.

Home Wifi, IoT, and Parental controls.

Simple and Straightforward viewing experience. 

Consumers want all their desired video content to be available in just one single space. 

Single monthly payment.

Content, convenience, and pricing model. SVoD options. 

Download our vision paper to know more on new imperatives for Cable Operators which can help them to woo the video customers of tomorrow. 

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Michael McCluskey

VP Product Management at Espial

Michael McCluskey

VP Product Management at Espial

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