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Eagle Communications

Eagle Communications is an employee owned midsized video and internet service provider based in Hays Kansas. After expanding into new markets in Nebraska and Colorado they needed a new total home solution to remain their subscribers’ provider of choice and help further expansion into new regions. As a smaller, privately held company they faced enormous competition from government subsidized telecommunications and satellite companies who were offering advanced video services. Eagle Communications needed to upgrade their service to deliver the great video features their customers wanted for a fair price. As a smaller operator with a wide geographical reach and subscribers of varying technical skill, they needed a cost effective solution that provided an easy to navigate user experience. Their mission is to connect people and deliver a fantastic service to their subscribers.

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Eagle Multiscreen

After an unsuccessful trial with a competitor solution, Eagle Communications selected the Espial Elevate Cloud to power their Eagle Fusion service. Elevate allows for an array of advanced solutions that make it easy for subscribers of all tech savvy levels to find their favorite content fast. Eagle Fusion gives subscribers the ability to record and watch up to five different channels and they can pause their program in one room and resume in any other room on any device. This fusion solution combines internet, with a built in router, and phone caller ID and log on the TV screen for a total connected home. Featuring the award winning Espial Elevate UX guide, Eagle Fusion allows for easy and personalized navigation – viewers find content with both a traditional guide or with the advanced guide which allows for searches based on genre or theme. Eagle Communications’ top priority is connection and they know that their solution allows for subscribers to access their DVR on their connected device no matter where they are to watch or record content. Espial maintains a high level of communication with providers, including Webinars and in person meetings to ensure successful solution delivery at every step of the project. With Espial Elevate Cloud, Eagle Communications was able to launch Eagle Fusion, an easy to use, constantly innovating solution to roll out to their existing subscribers and increase their subscriber count in new markets.

“Our mission is to connect people, especially our rural subscribers. Our customers are our most important assets.” – Sara Meder, Director of Residential Product at Eagle Communications.


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