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One of the world’s leading manufacturer of telecommunications and electronic equipment needed to update their Smart TV offering to comply with industry standards and deliver an immersive viewing experience to their customers. To power their revolutionary 4K UltraHD TV they set out to find a partner that could deliver a solution that was Hybridcast compliant – a new system defined by the IPTV Forum which combines the best of broadcast and broadband to create a robust ecosystem of TV and web services – but also had the flexibility to blend advanced TV functionality and OTT applications. To make this leap forward they chose to build their solution on the Espial TV Browser, which redefines the TV performance and consumer experience.

The Espial TV Browser introduces powerful new features to enable a compelling TV UX. These include picture-in- application, support for live TV tuners embedded in HTML5 apps, intelligent remote control mapping, and support for video trick modes in any HTML5 app. The Espial TV Browser accelerates the deployment of Internet video apps like YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, interactive TV content, web browsing and rich HTML5 user experiences.

The new television allows consumers to stream video from the Internet, while also doubling as gaming device. A total entertainment solution, it allows users to wirelessly display content – such as photos, video, etc. – from mobile devices so they can be enjoyed with stunning clarity and vivid color in 4K resolution. The solution represents a true leap forward in viewing experience, thanks to their incredible 8K equivalent UltraHD video and leading innovation. The browser solution has been shipped in TVs across Japan.


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